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  • Borrowell: Credit Score

    Borrowell: Credit Score CPA Offer

    Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 7:10 AM CDT

Borrowell's mission is to make financial prosperity possible for all Canadians. Your credit score plays an important role in whether lenders approve you for financial products and the interest rates you can get. Borrowell was the first in Canada to offer free credit scores, allowing you to regularly check your credit score. Today, we're the only ones who offer a full Equifax Canada credit report updated weekly, for free.

Get your free credit score and report in three minutes. Your credit card information and SIN are not required. Download the Borrowell app today.


Monitor Your Credit Score

Check your credit report and credit history with Borrowell's easy-to-use app. Monitor your credit score anytime, anywhere, and receive alerts for changes to your score or credit report. Borrowell is the only app that provides free weekly updates with access to your full credit report.

Understand Your Credit Score

Gain insights into factors affecting your credit score, such as payment history, credit utilization, credit history, credit inquiries, and average credit age, plus get personalized recommendations for building your credit history. Regularly checking your credit score and monitoring your credit health with Borrowell's app empowers you to stay proactive in managing your financial well-being.

Get Personalized Financial Product Recommendations

Check your credit score and receive custom product recommendations. Find and compare auto loans, credit cards, chequing and high-interest savings accounts, insurance, and mortgage rates from over 75 trusted financial providers like American Express Canada, BMO Canada, Capital One Canada, Fairstone Bank of Canada, Scotiabank Canada, EQ Bank, National Bank of Canada, Symple Loans and more. See your likelihood of approval before you apply for a loan or credit card.


Positive credit history, payment history and credit mix are factors that can contribute to a higher credit score. A higher credit score can give you access to more credit products like loans, credit cards and mortgages, and at lower interest rates. Potential landlords and employers may also check your credit score and report as part of your application process.

Borrowell Rent Advantage™

Build credit with rent payments without landlord involvement. Report rent payments on your Equifax Canada credit report to build credit history, payment history, and credit mix. Qualify for this product even with a low credit score. There are no hard credit checks, no hidden fees and no cancellation charges.

Borrowell Credit Builder

Use Borrowell Credit Builder to build your payment history and diversify the credit mix on your credit report without taking on additional debt or needing a credit card. Your payments are made automatically through a pre-authorized debit agreement, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. There are no hard credit checks, no hidden fees and no cancellation charges.


At Borrowell, protecting our members' information is our utmost priority. We use bank-level 256-bit AES encryption to keep your information safe.


Borrowell has received multiple awards:

The Globe and Mail’s Canada’s Top Growing Companies of 2023, 2022

Canadian Business Innovation Award Winner, 2023

Best Workplace in Canada, 2023

Best Workplaces for Women, 2023

Best Workplaces in Technology, 2023

When you download and use the Borrowell app, you are agreeing to Borrowell's Terms of Use.

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