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  • Liquid Lift

    Liquid Lift CPE Offer

    Updated Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 5:30 PM CDT

Welcome to Liquid Lift, where you embark on a thrilling journey to fill glasses with falling water while mastering the delicate art of balance. Draw lines strategically to keep the glasses stable as water cascades down. With each level, the challenge intensifies, testing your precision and focus. Can you keep the glasses from tipping over and conquer every level?

Key Features:

1. Challenging Levels: Progress through increasingly difficult levels as you hone your skills in balancing glasses and filling them with water.

2. Intuitive Controls: Draw lines with ease to stabilize the glasses and guide the flowing water into them.

3. Mind-bending Puzzles: Exercise your brain with puzzles that require careful planning and precise execution to succeed.

How to Play:

1. Draw Lines: Use your finger to draw lines on the screen to support the glasses and prevent them from tipping over.

2. Fill Glasses: Guide the falling water into the glasses by creating pathways with your drawn lines.

3. Maintain Balance: Keep a steady hand and ensure the glasses remain balanced throughout each level to complete the challenge.

Rules of Application Usage:

In Liquid Lift, adhere to these simple rules for an optimal gaming experience:

1. Maintain focus and balance to prevent the glasses from tipping over.
2. Strategically draw lines to guide the water into the glasses efficiently.
3. If a glass falls, watch an ad to revive and continue playing.
4. Enjoy the challenge and immerse yourself in the addictive gameplay of Liquid Lift!


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