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  • imagin: More than mobile bank

    imagin: More than mobile bank CPI Offer

    Updated Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 7:10 AM CDT

imagin - More than an app to manage your money

Download the imagin app, choose digital banking that cares about the planet and start enjoying top discounts, controlling your finances, sharing expenses with friends, accessing our cards, making transfers, Bizum and more.

Become an imaginBank customer to have a 100% mobile current account, cards with no fees or conditions, save or withdraw money for free at CaixaBank ATMs. You can also send and receive money via Bizum transfer. Join imagin, the online bank to manage your finances.


✅ 100% mobile bank account with no fees.

✅ Totally free cards, with no issuing or maintenance costs and made from 100% recyclable materials. Discover the advantages of our credit, debit, prepaid and Carnet Jove cards.

✅ Google PayTM is available to pay quickly and securely with your phone. Add your cards to Google Wallet from the imagin app by clicking on "Add to Google Wallet”.

✅ Financial products that adapt to you: insurance, loans, mortgages, investment, financing and savings.

✅ Easily manage your money, accounts and personal finances.

✅ Send and receive money instantly with Bizum and make free transfers, with no fees.

✅ Find out about the latest news on imaginPlanet, imaginMusic, imaginGames and Advantages in the Enjoy section.

✅ Discover the latest technology products with or without financing in the Shop.

✅ Withdraw cash for free at CaixaBank ATMs, with no fees.

✅ Ask your questions 24/7 with our chatbot.

✅ Be part of the first "mobile only" financial services platform to obtain BCorp certification, for our commitment to the planet and to people.

Keep control of your personal finances with MyMonz. Organize your expenses and filter your movements by category. Set your spending forecast, reach your savings target, control your personal finances from a single calendar.

Enjoy our most 🔝 discounts on brands like eDreams, or Adidas!
Find out about the latest news on sustainability with imaginPlanet and help us take care of the planet ♻️. At imaginMusic you will have access to concerts and interviews🎙️ of the latest artists. Don't miss out on the collaboration of the moment, order your MyCard LOS40 credit card and enjoy exclusive experiences. Discover financial tips for your day-to-day life in imaginAcademy.

Send and receive money instantly with Bizum from your imagin account through the app. Pay online merchants through Bizum. Make free transfers. Withdraw money for free using your mobile 📲 at more than 13,000 Caixabank ATMs easily and securely. Bring in your receipts and sort them by category. With imagin&Split, create your list of shared expenses with as many friends as you want and settle bills instantly in the app through Bizum.

Check out all of imagin's free cards in the app 💳 and pick the card that suits you best. Pay with your smartphone using imagin mobile payment and Samsung Pay, or pay with your smartwatch using Garmin Pay, FitBit Pay and SwatchPAY.


At imagin we offer you financial products that suit you.

◉ Online personal loans.

◉ Shop Wivai. Discover the top technology products in our shop.

◉ Get started in investment and finance with imagin&invest managed portfolios.

◉ Start saving by creating your challenges and savings plans with CaixaFuturo.

◉ Discover the imaginBank fixed and mixed mortgage.

◉ Home insurance, health insurance, card insurance, travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, dental insurance.

◉ Manage bills and top up cards.

◉ Recharge credit on your mobile.

Download imagin's new online banking app now and forget about paying fees!

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